About Us

Knights Valet began with the idea of reinventing the industry. Too often in the field, we saw service becoming secondary. At Knights Valet, we put people first.


Professionalism and genuine hospitality is the foundation of our business. Your event, guests, or clients are as important to our team as they are to you.

The Founders

Matthew Galicz

Co-Founder + Operating Partner

Born and raised in Tampa, I have enjoyed 15 years in the hospitality industry. Making events more than just that has not only been my livelihood but hospitality dream come true. With the ability to provide and expand upon true hospitality, Knights Valet is genuinely excited to grow in and with Tampa Bay!

Bryan Fluharty

Co-Founder + Operating Partner

After a decade of setting the standard for Valet Operations throughout the North East, I am truly excited to partner with Matthew Galicz and make our footprint in Tampa and central Florida. I am genuinely excited for what we have to bring to Tampa, and equally excited to see Tampa grow!

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